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Asturias is honest, authentic, full of life, respectful of the past and present, attentive, courageous, welcoming, modern and cosmopolitan.

This is just the start of a unique experience for which you are going to need all five senses. Without them you will not be able to taste its gastronomy, be stunned by its architecture, breathe its nature, listen to its urban heartbeat or enjoy its hospitality.

Asturian cuisine, rich and diverse, traditional and avant-garde, with its own personality and discourse. Possibly one of the most fully-stocked and interesting larders in Spain.

Twelve temples and three civil buildings, dated between the 8th and 10th centuries, make up the most complete and best-preserved set of architecture from the high medieval period in western Europe.

Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo are the three cities of Asturias, with three different histories and characters.

Avilés, is a metropolis of medieval origin, evident in its picturesque and well-preserved old quarter.

Gijón/Xixón, has become modern and lively city, largely due to its history as a city right on the edge of the sea, with a port with large amount of economic activity.

Oviedo/Uviéu, feel of this classic and stately metropolis. Looking over the fairy tale like old quarter, is the Cathedral, with a Holy Chamber in which treasures from the period of Alfonso II El Casto, King of Asturias, are kept.

The intense colours of nature and the Cantabrian Sea merge in every nook and cranny of the Green Coast.
This coastline, a doorway to Paradise, ensnares you and will incite feelings in you. Let yourself be seduced!


Detailed in this list all services included on your experience in Asturias.

  • Pick up Madrid Airport

  • Accommodation Hotel 4* and 5*

  • Breakfast included in the accommodation

  • Travel insurance during the stay

  • Tickets and visits specified in the itinerary

  • Attendance at local traditional festival (if your trip have same dates)

  • Transfers throughout the stay with driver and companion

  • Assistance companion during the stay

  • Recommendation of typical and popular restaurants

  • WiFi access in the vehicle

  • Pocket WiFi during the trip (1 device)

  • Transfer to Madrid Airport on the day of departure


Detailed in this list all services that will not be included on your experience.

  • Flights to Spain

  • Meals and dinners

  • Extras at the hotel, such as minibar, phone calls, etc.

  • Supplement in single room

  • Visa fees and entry clearance fees

  • Any extra service not specified as included

ITINERARY (Example for 5 nights)

Visit the most emblematic places in the city, we can recommend those:

  • Cimadevilla, the former fishermen’s quarter that still preserves the characteristic buildings, layout and atmosphere of its seafaring past.
  • San Lorenzo Beach, the almost 2-km-long sandy beach in the shape of a sea shell, which makes Gijón’s seafront a delightful seaside promenade.
  • Poniente Beach is another of Gijón’s beaches. A man-made beach, ideal for sunbathing and doing water sports in a setting where you can enjoy the Aquarium, a seawater spa, restaurants, etc
  • Taste a Cider and visit cider mills

A walk around the Old Town, where the Cathedral, the Holy Chamber, some churches and monasteries such as Las Pelayas, and museums, including the Fine Arts Museum and the Archaeological Museum, are worth noting.

  • Parroquia San Tirso el Real
  • Catedral de Oviedo
  • Convento de las Pelayas
  • Santa María La Real de la Corte
  • Visit to Santa Maria del Naranco, the most significant building in European Pre-Romanesque architecture.

Visit the most emblematic places in the city, we can recommend those:

  • The old quarter of Avilés is one of the best preserved in Asturias and constitutes an example of civil and religious architecture ranging from the Middle Ages right up to the present day.
  • Avilés Estuary is one of the most beautiful natural estuaries in Asturias.
  • The Niemeyer Centre, the last and most important work in Europe by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, is a facility that adds both an innovative touch and a new skyline to the city.

History, spirituality and nature in a universal symbol. Covadonga combines a prodigious history, an abundant spirituality and unique nature

The rock art in El Buxu Cave also contains various representations done in diverse techniques, engravings and paintings, with a wide repertoire of zoomorphic and geometric figures.

In any nook and cranny of the eighteen fishing villages of Asturias, you will breathe in the Cantabrian breeze. These picturesque, enchanting towns, with a long fishing and canning tradition, captivate you with the uniqueness of their ports, their seaside walks and their lighthouses and, of course, their people and their food.

Contrast predominates in the beaches of Asturias, bathed by the Cantabrian. From East to West, none of the over two hundred sandbanks where the earth and the sea blend together is replicated. They are all different.

Teverga Prehistory Park is an original, novel project on the European scene, a place to learn about the past and understand human evolution while discovering the origins of art.

TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL (if your trip have same dates)
They are particularly important celebrations and highlight festivals with religious, cultural and gastronomic connotations.

A specially interesting route where you can live and know the world of cider, one of the most characteristic manifestations of Asturian culture.

Free days to enjoy the commercial streets.


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