Castilla y León

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Castilla y Leon is one of Europe’s largest regions. It is made up of nine provinces – Avila, Burgos, Leon, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora – and boasts a greater cultural, ethnological and natural heritage than practically any other region in Spain. In addition, it is here that the first traces of the Spanish language can be seen.

Castilla y Leon also possesses much of Spain’s cultural heritage, with more than 300 castles, almost 400 museums housing the artistic, cultural and ethnographic wealth of our region as well as 23,000 archaeological sites. It also has around festivals of international, national and regional tourist interest. Particularly worthy of mention are the Holy Week celebrations, undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist attractions due to their deeply religious, cultural and traditional nature: Castilla y Leon is the site of no fewer than 8 of the 22 celebrations declared to be of international tourist interest in Spain.

To discover the small and large popular dishes from the gastronomy of Castilla y Leon and the native wines raised in Castilla y Leon lands, the traveler has different food and wine routes that enable knowing the typical dishes of each area, enjoying its taste and getting into the traditions of their people.

Through the viticultural wealth of Castilla y León different routes are presented to discover the areas of this Community in which some of the best wines of Spain are born.

Crossing the Ribera del Duero, Rueda and Cigales in the heart of Castilla, and crossing the lands of El Bierzo or the Arribes, Arlanza or the Sierra de Francia, the traveler appreciates the value of some wines with a vast history, and appreciates from the old fortresses or the Castilian plain a unique and surprising landscape bathed by vineyards.


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  • Tickets and visits specified in the itinerary

  • Attendance at local traditional festival (if your trip have same dates)

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ITINERARY (Example for 5 nights)

One of the most striking Roman treasures in Europe can be found here. This dual treasure consists of an amazingly preserved aqueduct, and the Alcázar castle, standing high up on the hilltop.
We highlight those visits:

  • Cathedral
  • El Alcázar
  • Antique Sinagoga Mayor
  • San Antonio el Real Monastery

Millenary Avila lies protected by its rosary-shaped walls. The trio of Islamic, Hebrew and Christian cultures is the starting point for a journey through art and tradition.
We highlight those visits:

  • Ávila Walls
  • El Salvador cathedral
  • Basílica of San Vicente
  • Post-medieval ceramic furnace

Salamanca boasting the oldest university in Spain, Salamanca is a cosmopolitan city which has upheld its traditions.
We highlight those visits:

  • Plaza Mayor
  • Anaya Square
  • Antique University
  • Casa de las Conchas

Among European cities, Zamora has one of the greatest concentrations of Romanesque churches in its urban centre. For this reason it is known as the «ciudad del rómanico” (romanesque city).
We highlight those visits:

  • Zamora Castle
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Arco del Obispo
  • Cathedral square

Environmental Cruise Arribes del Duero, runs through the spectacular vertical cliffs of the International Douro at its border Zamora (Spain) with Miranda do Douro (Portugal). During the trip, the technicians of the Biological Station interpret ethnographic resources, flora, fauna and geology of the park spectaculars cliffs.

Visit the most special D.O. Ribera del Duero wineries.An activity that will immerse you in a simple and comfortable way to Ribera del Duero wine universe.

TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL (if your trip have same dates)
They are particularly important celebrations and highlight festivals with religious, cultural and gastronomic connotations.

Free days to enjoy the commercial streets.


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